Frequently Asked Questions

All the time. Digital court reporting is now a standard method of taking depositions under federal and state statutes.
Since we digitally record by video, use an audio-visual or video notice.
As an officer of the court and notary, the digital reporter is authorized to swear in the witness.
Digital reporters use two methods of recording, the backup recording is used for playing back the audio while remaining on the record using the main recording.
Login with your username (your last name) and password. Under the “proceedings” tab, search by case, witness, or date; or click “show all.” Select the case and scroll to the desired proceeding. You can easily view past, current and future proceedings within the online repository. If you need your username and password, contact us.
The judge and staff are provided a username and password to access transcripts directly within the online repository.

We charge an attendance fee for proceedings and page rate for transcripts. Our rates are competitive, please call us for you customized quote today.

We can turn transcripts around in 24 hours or less. Our professional court reporters work around-the-clock. Our delivery options include regular, expedited, rush and daily to help you manage budgets and receive your transcripts when you need them.

We utilize the most highly secure servers available in the industry. Contact our webhost with any questions.