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Digital Court Reporting

Technology is becoming more of a driving force in today's legal workplace, and digital court reporting services are quickly replacing more antiquated methods of reporting given that the benefits of video depositions far surpass those of stenography.

The video file is always included with every proceeding at no extra cost! Our sleek, modern equipment is unobstrusive and allows for a quick setup, while eliminating the need to wear microphones and fumble with changing tapes. Textnet has no speed limit, no need for frequent breaks, and doesn't charge more for accents or medical terminology.

Competitor price matching! We offer competitor price matching on any transcript order. Simply provide us with an invoice that reflects a lower rate.

The Power of the Video:

Capturing unspoken testimony- A written record alone fails to completely capture the essence of any event given that key non-verbal indicators are largely omitted from such histories. Videotaped proceedings provide a much more comprehensive record of testimony as body language, demeanor, and voice expression serve to support and enhance the reading of a transcript.

Convincing the Jury- A video record of deposition testimony serves as a powerful litigation tool in the courtroom. Studies indicate jurors remember approximately 80% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what they hear. Given this staggering statistic, video is essential in capturing and maintaining the attention of jurors so that they are better able to retain the information presented at trial.

Transcript Corroboration- A video record of deposition testimony serves to reinforce the veracity of the written transcript. Textnet reporters create all transcripts straight from this video record, ensuring that you are provided with the most accurate transcript possible.

Package of Digital Resources

Transcription: We make our transcripts available to you in PDF format, OCR enabled (optical character recognition) which allows for you to quickly search the record for key words. Our unique time stamping technology allows you to reference the corresponding moment inn the video record, an important tool in case preparation, opening and closing arguments, and impeachment.

Exhibits: We scan and electronically file all exhibits, enabling you to quickly search documents for key points.

Online Repository: Your unique user name and passwords allows you to access our 24/7 secure online repository which contains transcripts, videos, exhibits, invoices and scheduling. You may also choose to grant access to other members of your firm, paralegals, and even your client.