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When can I use video for depositions and other proceedings?

Every time. Our digital video system eliminates the need to hire both a stenographer and videographer.

Federal: Rules of Civil Procedure 30(b)(3)(A) Depositions by Oral Examination, Wisconsin: Statute 885.42(1) When available, Illinois: Statute 206(a)(2) Method of Taking Depositions on Oral Examination.

How do I download my video, transcript and exhibits?

VIDEO: In the upper right hand corner of our website, log in with your username and password. Under the 'proceedings' tab, search by case, witness or date; OR click the 'show all' bubble. Click on the case, scroll to the witness. Click 'save WMV video' to begin download. The 'play WMV video' option streams the video through the internet connection, but disables the slider bar within the file.

TRANSCRIPT: Click the link to the PDF or ASCII file. On the digital signature page, click the link. Choose open or save to computer.

EXHIBITS: Click 'Exhibits & Other Docs', then save document. Open the PDF file.

Can digital court reporters perform read backs?

Yes, most definitely. Digital reporters easily locate the desired location within the audio file, instead of interpreting stenographic shorthand.

Who may conduct a digital deposition?

All depositions must be conducted before officers authorized to administer oaths. Textnet reporters are notary publics who are authorized to administer the oath. Federal: Rule 28(a)(1)(A), Wisconsin:887.01(1), Illinois: 205(a)

Does the digital court reporter mark exhibits?

Yes, digital reporters mark exhibits as stenographers under the following provisions. Federal: 30(f)(2(A), Wisconsin: general deposition statute 804(7)(b)(1), Illinois: 206(h)(2)

When will I receive my transcript?

We offer standard 7-10 day transcript turnaround time. We will guarantee faster turnaround at an expedited rate.

What security measures are used to protect my cases online?

We have the most highly secure servers available in the industry. Feel free to contact our web host with any other questions, www.courtpages.com

How do you provide the court or judge with a 'sealed transcript'?

The judge and staff are provided a user name and password login information to access the transcripts directly and securely from our website.

What is the cost of the video file?

The video file is included within the attendance charge for every proceeding. Access is granted to the video file with or without a transcript order.